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Reticulated Giraffe in SamburuThis safari will take you to some of Kenya’s most charming areas, while making the most of your time to avoid long driving. Samburu NP is a remote park in the North of Kenya, and must be accessed by a 4wheeler to enter into a territory crawling with lions; one of the only habitats to find several extremely rare African wildlife species.

A nature walk to the Burguret Mau Mau Caves is a refreshing break after a thrilling safari, and a day at the Chimpanzee Sanctuary will leave you with an unforgettable adventure.

Day 1- We depart Nairobi and head to Samburu National Park, stopping for lunch on the way, to arrive in time for a late afternoon game drive. If we are lucky, we will have spotted a lion heading out for a night of hunting by the time we return to our camp for dinner.

Day 2 – Today we can explore Samburu National Park, and ideal place for lion scouting and searching for Africa’s unique wildlife, such as the reticulated giraffe and striped hyena.

Day 3- Enjoy an early morning game drive with an excellent chance of spotting Africa’s most famous wildlife, about to retire from a night out hunting! We can then have breakfast at our camp before we hit the road to arrive in Nanyuki for lunchtime. This afternoon we can take a walking safari to the Equator or go on an expedition to the Mau Mau caves and learn about the Freedom Fighters of Kenya.

Juvenile Chimp at SweetwatersDay 4 – Today we will have a charming safari adventure in the nearby Sweet Waters Animal Sanctuary, where we can walk with a ranger raised rhino and visit the orphaned Chimpanzees in their natural habitat. We also have a good chance of tracking down the ‘Big Five’ before returning to our Nanyuki lodgings for dinner– or if you want to try the traditional African BBQ we can have ‘nyama choma’ for dinner tonight!

Day 5- If you want to terminate your safari with us today, this morning we will leave Nanyuki stopping at the magnificent Nyaharuru Falls for lunch, to arrive in Nairobi in the afternoon.

If you want to do an unforgettable Mt. Kenya trek, we can leave on day trip or a full 5 day climb today (see Mt. Kenya Routes). The slopes of Mount Kenya hold many delightful options; streams and rivers for fishing, a hidden ‘Secret Valley’, or you may also like to spend a night in the TreeTops Hotel which we can arrange for you. The Aberdares Range is only 1 hour away, for a breathtaking walking safari with a ranger which will take you past magnificent falls and views… Tell us what it is you like to do and we will suggest an itinerary for you!!

Please Note; If you wish to do Samburu National Park with no stops along the way, this itinerary can be reduced to a 3day safari, though this will involve a lot of travelling time.


An ideal safari for cycle lovers with history of Kenya’s Wildlife Conservation and a trek through the ‘mini Rift Valley’ of Hell’s Gate, named in 1883 by explorers Fisher and Thomson after being defeated by the hostile Masai. Plenty of time can be spent exploring the pristine Lake Naivasha on foot and on boat rides, between cycling trips.