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Masai Mara is Kenya’s most coveted reserve, maybe due to it’s large families of lions and certainly known for the yearly migration of wildebeests and zebra from the Serengeti. This park is home to Kenya’s highest concentration of African wildlife and will promise you at the very least, a breathtaking safari adventure.

Day 1- Leave Nairobi this morning and pass along the sweeping Great Rift Valley. We can stop in Narok for lunch before we climb the Western wall of the valley to enter Masai Mara. Once we have arrived at the Serengeti plains of this famed Game Reserve, we can enjoy a late afternoon safari drive over the sprawling grasslands, underneath a spectacular sinking African sun… to return to our camp/ lodge for the night in time for dinner.

Day 2- We have the entire day to explore the vast expanse of the Masai Mara game reserve to find a family of lions, and likely a close snap of the magnificent full mane lion. Elephants are in plenty here as are cheetah, leopard and almost every specie of Kenya’s unique wildlife. You can also visit a traditional Masai Village to learn of Masai culture if you like.

Day 3- After an early morning game drive, where we have an excellent chance of spotting carnivores heading in from a night out hunting, we can return to our camp/ lodge for breakfast before we leave the park and return to Nairobi, or your next chosen destination/ national park.

Please note; All our safari itineraries are suggested only, and you can add on any number of days in the park, a visit to Lake Victoria on the Kenyan or Tanzanian side, or extend your safari to another national park such as a Lake Nakuru-Lake Naivasha / Hell’s Gate tour.