Mt. Kenya National Park ( Kenya )

Mt. Kenya is Kenya ’s highest mountain and the second highest in Africa . This is also the seat of Ngai, the traditional god of the Kikuyu people. At 5199m/17,057ft, this massive stand continues to amaze countless visitors as the only snow-capped mountain in the world that straddles the equator. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this now-extinct volcano provides eye-catching, undulating and awe-inspiring scenery with its craggy peaks, picturesque valleys, ancient forests, diverse wildlife and crystal clear streams cascading from shimmering glaciers. Mt. Kenya ’s highest peaks, Batian (5199m/17,057ft) and Nelion (5188m/17021ft) may only be reached by mountaineers with technical skills and specialized equipment. However, Point Lenana (4985m/16355ft), the third highest peak may be reached by all trekkers without the demands of technical climbing but with the memories for a lifetime.

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