Mountain Trekking safaris



Rock climbing the peaks of Mt. Kenya will promise you a sensational experience and the ultimate, soaring views.


Rock Climbing on Mount KenyaOur specialist alpine guide is one of Kenya’s most elite climbers; a KWS Rescue Guide, he has led many rescue team in this mountain, and often takes film crews to these spectacular heights. The season for rock climbing is the driest months of the year between December and March, and even inexperienced adventurers with a lust for heights and sights can take to the thrilling crown of Mount Kenya.


An experienced climber can expect to reach the tip and return to the base in one day, however in case an overnight is required, our alpine guide fee will cover any in-eventualities, whether 1 or 2 days is required.


Technical climbing on Mount Kenya

Nelion via Batian Route:

Day Trip- Access through Narumoro route of Mt. Kenya, from the base camp of the Austrian hut. We will wake at 5am to leave at 5:45am, so by around 6:30am, we will enter the base where the rock climbing will begin. We have approximately a 6 hour climb before we reach the summit of Nelion at a height of 5188m. From here we can cross over to the Batian peak, Mt. Kenya’s highest point at 5199m, in about 1 hour. Returning to Nelion summit will again take 1 hour, and descending back to the Austrian hut should take us about 4 hours.


North Face Route:

Day Trip- Access through Sirimon route of Mt. Kenya, from Shipton’s camp. For this climb we leave Shipton’s camp to the base of the North Face. Waking after 4am, we will have left by 5am for the Batian peak, about an 8 hour climb away, (depending on experience). A climber with no previous experience can expect to arrive at the peak around 3pm. From here we can either descend halfway to the amphitheatre base, for camping overnight on the rocks, or if time allows, we will have returned to Shipton’s camp in time for dinner.


NB: If you do not have your own climbing equipment, please advise us and we will happily arrange gear hire for you including; helmet/ harness/ four locking binar= figure eight abseiling devise.