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Lake Eyasi

L. Eyasi, a salt lake lying between the Eyasi Escarpment in the north (an ancient fault line that is part of the rift valley system) and the Kidero mountains in the south. It is a hot dry area around which the Hadzabe (also known as Hadzapi or Tindiga) people who are believed to have lived here for nearly 10,000years. Today, there are only a few hundred left. Their language is characterized by clicks and may be distantly related to that of the San (Bushmen) of Southern Africa, although it shows only a few connections to Sandawe, the other click language spoken in Tanzania. The lifestyle of the Hadzabe still centers on hunting & gathering. Also in the area are the Iraqw or Mbulu, a people of cushitic origin who arrived about 2000 years ago, as well as Maasai (of Nilotic origin) and various Bantu groups.