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Wilderness Hike across the Chyulu hills en-route to Tsavo West.


This program incorporates a bush trek in the remote Chyulu hills followed by a visit to the sprawling Tsavo Park with your guides ensuring that you do not get to miss out on the wildlife spectacle. As you trek in the hills and bush, you see plenty of interesting features-mountains, volcanic formations, caves, etc and also learn about the flora and fauna of the area. Khat, a plant with intoxicating powers grows wild in the area and is of immense economic benefit to the local people. Tsavo is best known for the notorious late 19th Century “man-eaters of Tsavo” the lions that fed on Indian railway builders but later hunted down.  It is a hiking tour suitable for nature lovers with deep interests on botany and ornithology as well as clients seeking a unique way in which to gain some fitness before a challenging Kilimanjaro hike. Due to it¹s geographical locations Chyulu hills is a good start  for clients wishing to extend on to Kilimanjaro or visit the Kenyan Coast.


Day 1: Depart from Nairobi at 0900hrs and drive through the open savannah grasslands. A semi-arid range land, this region abounds in wildlife and during the drive it’s possible to see zebra, gazelles and other plains game. Arrive at the Kithasyu Rangers outpost in the late afternoon to pitch camp then take a short one hour walk to the nearby local market.


Day 2: Leave the camp after breakfast, with picnic lunch ready and hike for 4-5 hours through traditional Kamba villages and farms. An interesting opportunity to observe and learn about farming practices and village set-up of the Kamba people, a tribe renowned for the art of wood statue carvings. Walk across the undulating hills through bush and forest up to a point where you meet the vehicle in the afternoon for onwards transfer to Kaminioni.


Day 3: Have breakfast then do a 2-3 hour hike to the army satellite viewpoint from where you enjoy panoramic view of the vast Kamba land. Interesting scenery includes Tsavo East National Park, the oil pipeline, Kithasyu camp and the Kithasyu dam are clearly visible en route.  Descend and walk along the road to catch the vehicle and drive to the Chyulu II Ranger¹s outpost. During the drive you are able to see the whole of Amboseli National Park, Oloitokitok (Masai land) and Mt. Kilimanjaro. 


Day 4: After breakfast, is a 2 hours hike to Chyulu II Peak. This peak offers a panoramic view of the Shetani lava, Mzima springs, Mt. Kilimanjaro and Amboseli. Descend to board the vehicle for an itensive game viewing drive in Tsavo West National Park. Lunch stop at the Mzima Springs where you see schools of fish, hippos and other game as they congregate to enjoy in the spring waters of Mzima. 


Day 5: Early morning breakfast then a 2 hours hike to Chaimu Crater. Descend and enjoy a game viewing session on your way as you exit the park followed by the drive  back to Nairobi.