Day 2- We can leave for an early morning game drive for a great chance of spotting predators about to retire from a night's hunting! After returning to our camp for breakfast, we have several optional activities to choose from before another afternoon game drive. We will have returned to our camp for dinner under the setting sun.

Day 3- After an early morning game drive, we can return to our camp for breakfast. From here you can either return Nairobi, or add on the option of a sensational overnight at Kibwezi Forest, where we can arrive in time for lunch. We can explore the Lava Nature Trail this afternoon before returning to our camp to lavish in the magnificent scenery of African wildlife drinking from the nearby waterhole.

Day 4- We can return to Nairobi after breakfast this morning, otherwise this trip can easily altered to also involve a further safari to Tsavo NP and could finish with an escape to the Kenyan coast, or a trip into Tanzania to a further destination there.


Masai Mara is Kenya's most coveted reserve, maybe due to it's large families of lions and certainly known for the yearly migration of wildebeests and zebra from the Serengeti. This park is home to Kenya's highest concentration of African wildlife and will promise you at the very least, a breathtaking safari adventure.

Day 1- Leave Nairobi this morning and pass along the sweeping Great Rift Valley. We can stop in Narok for lunch before we climb the Western wall of the valley to enter Masai Mara. Once we have arrived at the Serengeti plains of this famed Game Reserve, we can enjoy a late afternoon safari drive over the sprawling grasslands, underneath a spectacular sinking African sun... to return to our camp/ lodge for the night in time for dinner.

Day 2- We have the entire day to explore the vast expanse of the Masai Mara game reserve to find a family of lions, and likely a close snap of the magnificent full mane lion. Elephants are in plenty here as are cheetah, leopard and almost every specie of Kenya's unique wildlife. You can also visit a traditional Masai Village to learn of Masai culture if you like.

Day 3- After an early morning game drive, where we have an excellent chance of spotting carnivores heading in from a night out hunting, we can return to our camp/ lodge for breakfast before we leave the park and return to Nairobi, or your next chosen destination/ national park.

Please note; All our safari itineraries are suggested only, and you can add on any number of days in the park, a visit to Lake Victoria on the Kenyan or Tanzanian side, or extend your safari to another national park such as a Lake Nakuru-Lake Naivasha / Hell's Gate tour.



10.00 hrs: Leave Nairobi via the Great Rift Valley for Masai Mara Game Reserve, picnic lunch en route. On arrival, proceed for a game drive in search of black maned lion, elephants, leopard and cheetah, buffalo and other plains games. Return to the camp for dinner and overnight.


06.30 hrs: Proceed for an early morning pre-breakfast game drive. Return to the camp for breakfast. 

10.30 hrs: After breakfast proceed for a further game drive. Lunch at the campsite. 

15.30 hrs: After lunch a further game drive. Dinner and overnight at the campsite.


08.30 hrs: After breakfast leave Masai Mara THROUGH THE PARK for Nairobi lunch en route arriving around 16.00 hrs.


A journey of discovery through the Rift Valley and Maasailand, ideal as short tour or an extension of a mount Kenya trekking adventure. On this tour you discover the contrasting scenery, wildlife environments and cultures of the Kikuyu Highland areas, Great Rift Valley Lakes and Maasai savanna. As a way to support community conservation and encourage the locals to preserve their heritage, we include visits to complimenting community area. On this tour we do a side-trip en-route to Masai Mara and get privileged insights into the Maasai people’s fascinating way of life. Then, proceed on to Maasai Mara for quality game viewing in the park as well as visit adjoining Siana community conservancy as part of the wildlife safari. Within Siana conservation area there are chances for hiking, sundowner outing, bush dinner as well as night game drives. 


Detailed itinerary:


Day 1: After breakfast commence a 200kms / 3h journey to a community run coffee and tea estate for lunch and local farming experience. Our lunch destination is a pleasant, cool, lush forested setting where we will enjoy a delicious farm lunch, guided bird-watching walk and visit to the tea and coffee processing operations. You can try your hand at picking tea and coffee if you like. In the evening we check-in to a comfortable local hotel just outside Nakuru National Park for dinner / overnight and early start the following morning.


Day 2: Very early (06.00) start for game drives in Lake Nakuru national park. Though smallish in size the park is spectacular and picturesque with abundant wildlife and where there is the best chance of seeing the rare rhino (both black and white species), the elusive Leopard, and the unusual Rothschild's giraffe as well as vast herds of buffalo, gazelles, eland, zebra and much more. The Park has also had nearly 400 species of birds recorded within its borders among them the Thousands of flamingoes that decorate the lake edge with their shimmering pink plumage. Other birds include pelicans, ostrich, marabou, ibis, eagles, vultures, woodpeckers, and touracos among others. After enjoying a picnic lunch we commence the journey to Lake Naivasha 50Kms / 1.5h. En-route we stopover at Lake Elementaita (another soda lake on the floor of the Great Rift Valley), where we have afternoon tea at a farmer’s home and visit their small farm then, explore the lakeside environment. There’re thousands of pelicans bleeding nests, hot springs with amazing heat tolerant fish and eroded ash cones with fascinating shapes. A further short drive brings us to Lake Naivasha for overnight accommodation in chalets right by the lake.

Day 3: Lake Naivasha is a vast freshwater lake, famed for its hippos and birdlife particularly fish eagles, love-birds and pelicans. You take an early morning boat trip to see some of them, disembarking at an animal sanctuary half way to walk amongst giraffe, zebra, impala, gazelle and waterbuck. Leave mid morning for Maasailand. Today we get a chance to visit a Maasai widow support home for our lunch en-route to Maasai Mara and get insights into the Maasai culture in the process.  Then, drive on to our secluded camp in the Masai Mara at a slow pace viewing wild game as we go.  In the evening we drive partway up Naunare Hill to enjoy a memorable sundowner outing in the bush as we watch the sun go down over the Mara and enjoy a snack – enthuthiastic trekker can hike to the top of the hill for a fabulous view of the Mara park. Weather permitting we get a chance for a brief night game drive within the Siana wildlife conservancy (adjoining Mara Park) for the only chance to observe nocturnal wildlife - no extra cost for the night game drive but advise us in advance please. Dinner and overnight in our comfortable permanent tented safari camp with en-suite facilities.

Day 4: A day dedicated to game viewing in Maasai Mara. Now the seventh wonder of the modern world, Maasai Mara an extension of Serengeti is a country of breathtaking vistas, vast rolling plains and rounded hills, acacia woodlands, dense thickets of scrub and the riverine ecosystem of the Mara River. It’s vast plains teem with endless herds of grazing game together with the associated predators, this is where you can see elephant, buffalo, lion, cheetah, leopard, zebra, giraffe, hippo, crocodile and a whole ark-full of other animals. Our expert naturalist guides and sturdy vehicles ensure you have the best chance of seeing them all and understand their habits.

Day 5: Another early morning game drives in the Mara and then return to camp for breakfast before embarking on the journey back to Nairobi. On arrival in Nairobi you are offered a homemade lunch at our Rock house before proceeding with your next arrangements.



Reticulated Giraffe in SamburuThis safari will take you to some of Kenya's most charming areas, while making the most of your time to avoid long driving. Samburu NP is a remote park in the North of Kenya, and must be accessed by a 4wheeler to enter into a territory crawling with lions; one of the only habitats to find several extremely rare African wildlife species.

A nature walk to the Burguret Mau Mau Caves is a refreshing break after a thrilling safari, and a day at the Chimpanzee Sanctuary will leave you with an unforgettable adventure.

Day 1- We depart Nairobi and head to Samburu National Park, stopping for lunch on the way, to arrive in time for a late afternoon game drive. If we are lucky, we will have spotted a lion heading out for a night of hunting by the time we return to our camp for dinner.

Day 2 - Today we can explore Samburu National Park, and ideal place for lion scouting and searching for Africa's unique wildlife, such as the reticulated giraffe and striped hyena.

Day 3- Enjoy an early morning game drive with an excellent chance of spotting Africa's most famous wildlife, about to retire from a night out hunting! We can then have breakfast at our camp before we hit the road to arrive in Nanyuki for lunchtime. This afternoon we can take a walking safari to the Equator or go on an expedition to the Mau Mau caves and learn about the Freedom Fighters of Kenya.

Juvenile Chimp at SweetwatersDay 4 – Today we will have a charming safari adventure in the nearby Sweet Waters Animal Sanctuary, where we can walk with a ranger raised rhino and visit the orphaned Chimpanzees in their natural habitat. We also have a good chance of tracking down the 'Big Five' before returning to our Nanyuki lodgings for dinner-- or if you want to try the traditional African BBQ we can have 'nyama choma' for dinner tonight!

Day 5- If you want to terminate your safari with us today, this morning we will leave Nanyuki stopping at the magnificent Nyaharuru Falls for lunch, to arrive in Nairobi in the afternoon.

If you want to do an unforgettable Mt. Kenya trek, we can leave on day trip or a full 5 day climb today (see Mt. Kenya Routes). The slopes of Mount Kenya hold many delightful options; streams and rivers for fishing, a hidden 'Secret Valley', or you may also like to spend a night in the TreeTops Hotel which we can arrange for you. The Aberdares Range is only 1 hour away, for a breathtaking walking safari with a ranger which will take you past magnificent falls and views... Tell us what it is you like to do and we will suggest an itinerary for you!!

Please Note; If you wish to do Samburu National Park with no stops along the way, this itinerary can be reduced to a 3day safari, though this will involve a lot of travelling time.


An ideal safari for cycle lovers with history of Kenya's Wildlife Conservation and a trek through the 'mini Rift Valley' of Hell's Gate, named in 1883 by explorers Fisher and Thomson after being defeated by the hostile Masai. Plenty of time can be spent exploring the pristine Lake Naivasha on foot and on boat rides, between cycling trips.

Day 1- We can depart Nairobi this morning, passing through the Great Rift Valley for magnificent views and photos. We will arrive out our camp in time for lunch, and after pitching up we can cycle to Elsa Mere Conservation Center founded in honour of Joy Adamson, who played an important role in wildlife preservation in Kenya. After a history tour and a 4 o'clock film, we can return to our camp site for dinner.

Day 2- After breakfast we can cycle to the Elsa mere gate and on to the Rangers Point. From here we can take a two hike through the Gorges Valley, and return to the Rangers Point for lunch. After our picnic, we can cycle to the hot springs at the Geothermal Plant, and then exit the park through the nearby Olkaria gate. If you like, it is also possible to do rock climbing in the park this afternoon. We will have returned to our camp where you may have time to spot hippos while exploring the lake shore, before dinner.

Day 3- This morning we can cycle down to the Crater Lake, rich with pink Flamingoes and climbing with Colobus monkeys. After our lake circuit, we can have a picnic lunch before returning to our camp for a relaxing afternoon by the lake or a boat ride this afternoon out to Crescent island; one of the few places on the entire African continent where it's possible to wander on foot among herds of wildebeest, gazelle, zebra and giraffe-- without the worry of predators lurking!!


Day 4- If you wish to return to Nairobi today, we have time for a boat ride on Lake Naivasha for hippo spotting and bird watching, before hitting the road. If you would like to explore this lush region a little longer, you could opt to trek the extinct volcano of Mt. Logonot, which erupted over 100 years ago for a unique day climb, before heading onto the Mt. Kenya region for many nature expedition options.


Please note; Depending on your fitness level, the above itinerary could be compiled into 3 days, and any suggestions in our itineraries can always be replaced by alternative activities, as we will be delighted to comply with any personal preferences.


This safari is ideal for lake lovers and bird watchers-- with many excellent opportunities to lavish in the shore delights these fascinating lakes have to offer-- bursting with numerous magnificent bird species, and of course an ideal chance to spot the rare rhino and the 'Big Five'.

Day 1- Depart Nairobi heading to Lake Nakuru, sweeping along the Great Rift Valley for this splendid drive.  If you like, we will have time to stop by a little known crater for a sensational 360 degree viewpoint, before entering Nakuru Park gate for an afternoon game drive.  Rhino, giraffe and elephants are all a common sight here, as are, pelicans and stilted birds.  We can return to our camp in time for dinner this evening.

Day 2- We can spend the entire day exploring this vast national park, with a visit to waterfalls, the Monkey Cliff and to Lake Nakuru where the shores are coloured with thousands of pink flamingos and often watched by the rare rhino, near the water.  We will return to our camp under a sinking sun, hopefully having spotted a lion heading out for his nightly prowl.

Day 3- After an early morning game drive, where we have the best chance of spotting the mysterious hyena and other predators, we can return to our camp for breakfast, before hitting the road for Lake Bogoria.  We can explore the edge of this fascinating lake on foot, swarming with masses of bright pink flamingoes, and even boil an egg in the hot springs for our picnic lunch!!  This afternoon we can continue onto Lake Baringo, where we can have dinner and spend the night.

Day 4- We can spend the day by beautiful Lake Baringo, home to multiple bird species.  We can explore the circuit of the lake for a picnic lunch and take a boat ride this afternoon, among many other pleasant activities.

Day 5- After breakfast by this stunning lake, we can begin our drive to Nairobi, stopping for lunch on the way. 

Please Note;  We try to combine our safari packages with National Parks in relative proximity to each other to allow maximum safari time and minimise exhaustive road journeys, as much as is possible.  However, all our itineraries are suggested only and we will be happy to repackage any destination(s) you wish to discover, to make your experience in Africa everything you hope it to be!!

Flamingoes in Lake NakuruThis safari makes the most of your time with a visit to one of the most fascinating lakes of the Great Rift Valley and an ideal chance to explore and track down the 'Big Five' in Lake Nakuru NP. Lake Naivasha is a refreshing and peaceful haven, offering activities for any adventurer ending with an exciting day in Hell's Gate.

Day 1- Travel from Nairobi towards Nakuru, passing through the Great Rift Valley which is one of Kenya's most scenic drives. Once we arrive in Nakuru National Park, we will have time for an afternoon game drive in this rambling safari park.

Day 2 – We have the day to spend exploring this vast National Park, known for it's wildlife and flocks of pink flamingoes at the shores of Lake Nakuru. As well as the big five, including an excellent chance of spotting the almost- extinct rhino, we can take a drive up Monkey Cliff for an encounter with these cheeky creatures!

Day 3 - After an early morning safari drive where we might be lucky to spot the elusive hyena, after returning to our camp for breakfast we can leave the park and stop by little known Menegai Crater for a spectacular 360 degree viewpoint. Leaving Nakuru town, we can then head to Naivasha, where we can spend the afternoon on a walking safari to look for giraffes and antelopes, or go 'hippo hunting' on the flamingo enthralled green crater lake. A boat ride can also find fish eagles and lovebirds in plenty, while the black and white Colobus monkeys can be spotted even from our camp site.

Day 4 – Today we can visit Hells Gate Park where we have several options; try out a bicycle game drive, discover hiking trails or do some rock climbing! Or if you prefer, you can explore another section of the park in a vehicle game drive.

Day 5 – You can finish your safari today and leave the shores of Lake Naivasha to return to Nairobi... Otherwise, nearby Mt. Logonot in Naivasha is a unique experience to climb and can finish with a pleasant overnight in cabins. If you would like to head up to the Equator and the stunning region of Mt. Kenya either today or tomorrow, we will arrive by early afternoon after a stop by the gorgeous Nyharuru Falls. From the slopes of the Mt. Kenya region, you have several capturing options from an overnight at the nearby Treetops Hotel, a camel trekking safari in the Chimpanzee Sanctuary, a nature walk to the Mau Mau Caves including a delicious fish lunch at a rustic tree house restaurant, a further Samburu safari heading North to lion territory, and of course-- a thrilling Mt. Kenya trek!!

 Tsavo East/ West National Park is known for the large herds of elephants that roam this expansive territory, and was famous for the savage man- eating lions (movie 'Ghosts in the Darkness') that terrorised the building of the Kenyan – Ugandan railway in 1898.

Day 1 – We can depart Nairobi this morning, driving South past the Kapiti Plains to arrive at our camp in Tsavo West by lunchtime.  We can head out for an afternoon game drive after lunch, and will return to our camp under the sinking African sun, in time for dinner.

Day 2 – We have the whole day to spend exploring this huge National Park, and can begin with a visit to the nearby Mzima Springs which are teeming with bird life, hippos and lurking crocodiles.  There is an underwater chamber here so we will be able to view these gargantuan creatures in their natural aquatic environment.  We can stop for a picnic lunch during our explorations today, returning to our camp for dinner tonight, dazzled from a awe- inspiring adventure.

Day 3 – After breakfast, we have another day of discovery to begin in this fascinating wilderness!  We can drive to the Shetani Lava Flow, then onto the Chyulu Caves near the Chyulu park gate.  If you feel like a break from safari sitting, we can also trek the Chainu Crater which is South of Kilaguni Lodge, for breathtaking sights.  We will have returned to our camp in time for dinner and a relaxing evening.

Day 4 – After an early morning game drive where we have the best chance to spot prowling carnivores retiring from a night out hunting, we can return to our camp for breakfast, before a visit to the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary.  There are about 30 Black Rhinos here, which we have a good chance of spotting from the base of the Ngulia Hills.  After this, we can leave Tsavo National Park to continue onto the nearby Kenyan coast for a beautiful beach escape, or return to Nairobi if preferred.  Also if you wish to spend an overnight in the nearby Kibwezi Forest by the waterhole attracting spectacular sights of up-close African game, we can easily add this onto your trip.


Kakamega ForestKakamega National Forest Reserve is the only remaining tropical rainforest in Kenya. Over the last millennia, dense rainforest reached all the way from West Africa, across Central Africa until the Highlands of the Great Rift Valley. Some of the awe- inspiring trees are over 100 years old in this ancient African Forest, which plays a vital role to the eco- system. This was recognised in 1933, since when this serene reserve has been a protected area in Kenya.

During the rainy season between April and July, this rich environment oozes with magnificent flowers. Nature trails in plenty here are bordered with indigenous trees, marked with their traditional significance. The very rare snake- eating bird has been recorded here, including another 350 bird species, making this a bird- watcher and nature lover's paradise-- the forest exuding with over 380 plant species splashed in swamps, glades and hardwood areas. Primates are in plenty in this lush habitat, from black- and white Colobus, the Blue Monkey, and the Olive Baboon. Butterflies and snakes otherwise only found in West Africa can be found in this delightful nature Eden.

Day 1- Leave Nairobi for Kakamega Forest Reserve, driving a distance of about 420kms. We will arrive in the afternoon, and you can settle into your delightful African Bandas for a peaceful escape, or opt for a walking venture before dinner this evening.

Day 2- Take an excursion into Kakamega Forest with your Ranger Guide who can explain the many indigenous trees of this Ancient forest, and lead you up Buango Hill, the highest point of the forest. In the afternoon, you can continue your explorations, or relax in the tranquillity of your wilderness haven.

Day 3- Today we can take an excursion to the Ishuiki Falls, in the nearby Kisere Forest Area, where you will likely spot many species of primates, including the white- bearded monkey!! We can have a picnic lunch here, before returning to our forest bandas camp.

Day 4- We can take a visit to Ruma National Park today, located in the Lambwe Valley. You have many options to explore this park, created as a reserve in 1966 to conserve the only remaining habitat of the Roan Antelope. Hiking, game viewing, bird watching and fishing can all be done in these delightful surroundings.

Day 5- Today we can leave for Ndere Island National Park-- a small island only 4.2kms square, situated just off the Northern shore of Lake Victoria. Fish Eagles and the rare spotted crocodile can be spotted here among hippo and impala-- which have been introduced to the woodland that decorate the shores. We can take a boat ride to this unique island for a picnic lunch, as we spend the day exploring with hikes, nature walks and/ or birdwatching.

Day 6- This morning we can head towards Kisumu, stopping at the Impala Wildlife Sanctuary, only 1square kilometre in size, which was opened in 1992 to protect a herd of impala. This refuge is now used as a holding point for 'problem animals' such as the leopard, hyena and baboon. After our visit here, we will continue to Kisumu town where we can stay for the night.

Day 7- After a visit to the shores of Lake Victoria we can leave Kisumu town for Nairobi, to arrive in the afternoon. As with all our trips, this itinerary is suggested only and can be altered, extended or reduced, according to your preference.



12.00 hrs: Leave Nairobi and proceed to Naru Moru, picnic lunch en route. Dinner and overnight in hotel with private shower/toilet.


09.00 hrs: After breakfast leave Naru Moru for Samburu Game Reserve arriving in time for lunch. 

15.30 hrs: After lunch proceed for a game drive in search of the elusive leopard, lion, elephant, gerenuk, Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, oryx and other plains game. Dinner and overnight at the campsite.


06.30 hrs: Proceed for an early morning game drive. Return to the camp for breakfast. 

10.30 hrs: After breakfast proceed for a further game drive. Lunch at the campsite. 

15.30 hrs: After lunch a final game drive. Dinner and overnight at the campsite.

DAY 4: SAMBURU / NAKURU (Flamingoes) 

07.00 hrs: After breakfast leave Samburu for Thomson’s Falls, picnic lunch and continue to Lake Nakuru National Park. On arrival at Lake Nakuru proceed for a game drive of Lake Nakuru to view the flamingoes often described as the "WORLD'S GREATEST BIRD SPECTACLE." Thereafter check into a hotel at Nakuru with a private shower/toilet. Dinner and overnight.


08.00 hrs: After breakfast leave Nakuru for Masai Mara Game Reserve, picnic lunch en route. On arrival proceed for a game drive in search of black maned lion, elephants, leopard, cheetah, buffalo and other plains game. Return to the camp for dinner and overnight.


06.30 hrs: Proceed for an early morning pre-breakfast game drive. Return to the camp for breakfast. 

10.30 hrs: After breakfast proceed for a further game drive. Lunch at the campsite. 

15.30 hrs: After lunch a further game drive. Dinner and overnight.

Hippo in Masai Mara (Mara River)DAY 7: MASAI MARA 

08.00 hrs : After breakfast, proceed on a game drive and also visit the Hippo Pool (Mara River). Here you can come out of the vehicle and sit on the rocks and view the hippos and crocodiles in the river. You can also go for a short walk with a warden. Return back to the campsite for lunch. Afternoon relax.

15.30 hrs: proceed on a final game drive in Masai Mara, returning back to the campsite for dinner and overnight

Please note that the animal migration will be in Serengeti from Masai Mara in DECEMBER and goes back to Masai Mara at the end of JULY.


08.30 hrs: After breakfast leave Masai Mara for Nairobi, picnic lunch en route arriving Nairobi around 16.00 hrs.

Sometimes the above safari operates in reverse. Time of departure 10.00 a.m.

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