This is the largest wildlife stronghold in Kenya. This park comprises of a diversity of habitats including open plains, savannah bushland, semi-arid scrub, acacia woodland, rocky ridges and outcrops, extensive ranges of isolated hills, belts of riverine vegetation, palm thickets and mountain forest on the Chyulu hills extension. The extensive Shetani Lava is a clear example of a recent volcano. This volcanic zone also contains the famous Mzima springs, where hippopotamus and barbel live in springs and provide a dramatic spectacle. Tsavo-referred to by the locals as the place of slaughter-is the home of the famous early 19th Century’s man-eating lions of Tsavo. In 1898, work came to a standstill when these notorious predators went on a killing spree, preying on the Indian road-workers. Although these man-eating lions are long extinct, you can easily spot a lion in this park. Large herds of elephants are another attraction in Tsavo. Other animals include Lesser Kudu, Waterbuck, Eland, Buffalo, Gerenuk, Oryx, Impala, Giraffe, Black rhino and many more. Birdlife is legion in the Park and the visitor is constantly meeting with new species.

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